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Intruder alarm installers
Hastings intruder alarm installation
We implement trained professionals to monitor over your property 24/7


With an Audible-only alarm, the sounder activates at the premises only and response is reliant on somebody: 
 hearing it and: b) doing something about it. Unless there is definite evidence of a break-in, the police will not attend this type of alarm. We do not recommend Audible Only systems because:

  • People tend to ignore ringing alarms
  • Ringing bells annoy your neighbours
  • Would you risk your life to investigate your neighbours alarm activation?

Pet Tolerant
We can select suitable detection devices so that your pets can be allowed to roam free within your property without compromising your security. Our surveyor will be pleased to advise on this.

Wire-Free (or Radio) systems have become increasingly popular – so much so that the majority of Burglar Alarms that we install into residential properties are now wire-free.

These systems are easy and quick to install with minimum disruption to the property and are particularly beneficial for rented, leased or listed properties where it may not be allowed to make any alterations.

We can provide a range of systems

At AB Fire & Security we can supply and install a variety of different intruder alarm systems, meaning we can always find one to suit you.

We can provide the following intruder alarm services:

  Hastings Intruder Alarms Audible only systems
  Intruder Alarms Hastings Monitored systems
  Intruder Alarms Hastings Pet tolerant systems
  Hastings Intruder Alarms Wireless alarm systems
  Intruder Alarm Installers Hastings Maintenance packages
Hastings Intruder Alarms
ARC Monitoring
The alarm will sound at the premises, but in addition an alarm signal is sent to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via your telephone line.

By working with industry leaders such as Paxton, TDSI, BPT and Bell systems, we can also provide our customers with the latest technologies and products all year round. With this close relationship also comes the trust that you can rely on us whatever and whenever you need us to be there.

  Access Control Tunbridge We validate the alarm signal
Tunbridge Access Control
If necessary, we inform the relevant emergency services or call for assistance appropriate to the type of alarm signal received:
Intruder/panic alarm - call the police 
Fire signal - call the fire brigade 
Assistance signal - call one of your key holders
or we can notify you at work (office hours) or on your mobile phone
intruder Alarm Hastings  
Most people have neighbours, friends and relatives who are prepared to act as key holders and who will take positive action on your behalf, however, we can also offer you extra protection with our Key Response service, which ensures that a fully trained and licensed security officer will call to investigate the cause, secure the premises and, if necessary, call the police.
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