Gaseous fire suppression systems are typically used in specific types of buildings or areas where traditional fire suppression methods would be ineffective or cause damage. These systems are generally more expensive to install than traditional fire suppression systems but they are more efficient and effective in certain situations.

Some common places where gaseous fire suppression systems are found include:

  1. Laboratory: Gaseous fire suppression systems are often found in laboratories, where the use of water or foam would be dangerous or damaging to the equipment and experiments.
  2. Computer Rooms and Telecommunication Rooms: Gaseous fire suppression systems using clean agents are typically used in areas where the protection of the equipment and the environment is important.
  3. Kitchen hoods and exhaust ducts: Gaseous fire suppression systems using CO2 are commonly used in commercial kitchens to protect the hoods and exhaust ducts from grease fires.

The type of gaseous fire suppression system we will install for you will depend on the characteristics of the fire hazard and the type of equipment or assets that may be present.

AB Fire & Security have expertise covering an extensive range of fire suppression solutions and can provide you with professional, impartial advice on the system best suited to your needs.